• Total IT Service
    that presents a vision for the future society.
  • Proposal of digital social
    innovation plan
    through AI, big data analysis,
    and information protection consulting.
  • business management,
    and quality guarantees
    for the establishment
    of a sound information society.
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  • Consulting
    It provides efficient IT internal management
    and control, and optimal consulting.
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  • Audit
    It supports securing business quality and
    achieving performance goals
    by utilizing the
    optimal monitoring performance system
    and pool of experts in the overall IT business.
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  • SW QA
    Software Quality Assurance
    It supports various test consulting services.
    (QA BPO, Independent Verification & Validation)
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  • PMO
    Project Management Office
    Form a PMO team into the optimal group of
    experts for the success of the project.
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  • Data
    Establish in-depth plans using big data
    and conduct research on future issues.
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  • Security
    Consulting is conducted by professionals with extensive experience in
    performing Privacy Impact Analysis (PIA).
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  • KCA Co., Ltd.

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  • CEO : Moon Dae-Won
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