About KCA
Total IT service company
that presents a vision for the future society.
Company introduction
ICT Leading Company
in Audit & Consulting Area
We will continue to communicate
with customers and become the best
in audit and consulting.
KCA Co., Ltd. will not stop its strong steps toward innovative companies that contribute to customers and society with the best expertise, value talent, and always challenge newness and realize value.
CEO of KCA Co., Ltd.
CEO's history
Doctor of Business Administration (MIS).
  • - Administrative Computer Planning Office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.
  • - Computer network project officer of the National Computer Network Coordination Committee.
  • - Presidential Secretariat Informatization Officer
  • - Researcher and superintendent of the Korea Computer Science Institute.
Social activities · discipline
  • - Policy advisor to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.
  • - President of the Korea Information Technology Application Association.
  • - President of the Korea Information System Supervision Association.
  • - Seoul District Court Mediation Committee member.
  • - Presidential Commendation. (Honor to the development of the national society)
  • - Order of Merit, Magnolia. (Promoting the Administrative Computer Network Project)