Projcect Name Period Country Contractor
Audit for the Project for Mine Reclamation DB System in Mongolia 2012.12~2013.12 Mongolia KOICA
ISP for the Establishment of the National PKI in Cameroon 2010.06~2011.01 Cameroon KOICA
Evaluation for the Project for Climate Data Rescue and Modernization of Preserving System in Mongolia 2010.06~2010.09 Mongolia KOICA
Audit for the Project for supporting the execution of the ICT National Plan of the Republic of Columbia 2008.08~2009.07 Columbia KOICA
Evaluation for the IT Project Business in El Salvador, Uzbekistan and Bangladesh 2007.10~2008.01 El Salvador,
Audit for the Establishment of Korea-Philippines IT Training Centers 2004.12∼2005.12 Philippines KOICA
Audit for the Project for the Computerization and Networking in Science college of the Al-Fatech University 2002.05∼2002.10 Libya KOICA