Projcect Name Period Country Contractor
ISP Consulting 2013.12~2014.03 Korea Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service
IT Security Consulting with Integrated Lottery Business System Audit 2013.12~2014.03 Korea KIAT (The Korea Institute
for The Advancement of Technology)
IT Operation Consulting and IT Process Audit for Integrated Lottery System 2013.11~2013.12 Korea The Korea Lottery Commission
KRX IT Infra and Application Process Consulting 2013.09~2013.12 Korea Korea Exchange (Inc)
ISP for Preschool Education Information System 2013.07~2013.12 Korea Korea Education and Research Information Service
BPR/ISP for The Next Generation System of The Petition Processing System 2013.07~2013.12 Korea National Human Rights Commission of Korea
ISP Consulting 2013.07~2013.12 Korea Korea Employment Agency for The Disabled
Information Security and IT Center Operation Consulting 2013.04~2013.07 Korea Korea Cadastral Survey Corp
ISP and IT Operation Audit 2009.01~2009.02 Korea Korea Institute of Korea Administration